James Gavigan

Actor/ Film maker/ Writer


James Gavigan

James Gavigan is an actor who hails from the Northwest of Ireland.

He is a graduate of IADT Dublin, Irelands national film school, James has been involved in the film industry for the last 13 years and acting since he was 5. He has appeared in numerous works ranging from big pictures to short films. Most recently his work has featured in Virgin Media shorts and the Fort Myers Film Festival Florida. His ad “Smirk” for Becks Vier ran in a national TV and cinema campaign. 

He currently features in the Ellen Paige horror  "The Cured"  and he is promoting his award winning web series "A Quick Fortune" that secured a distribution deal with "Screenhits". Recently he voiced a lead role in "Zandra: A Sentimental Journey" a co-production of RTE Lyric FM and The Broadcasting authority of Ireland.