James Gavigan

Actor/ Film maker/ Writer

film maker and writer

James has been involved in TV and Film production since the age of 16 when a camera was put in his hands to "help out" on a documentary shoot in Ireland.

Fast forward to present day and his versatility has pushed him to work on many Hollywood size movies and TV shows such as King Arthur, PS I Love You as well as The Tudors.

Most recently, he has excelled on indie productions as a writer, producer and occasional director.   

The last few years have seen him collaborate with the  BAFTA, Rocliffe "New comedy writer" winners Brona C Titley and Nicole Paglia. The Intervention in which he stars he wrote with Nicole Paglia is the top 10 videos for comedy shorts awards 2015 by Huffington Post.

His latest projects have included consulting with  Hello Unity Pr agency. As well as creating the comedy web-series A Quick Fortune with Erin Hunter which has won a screenwriting award DC Web Fest and garnered nominations for Best Director at Miami Web Fest along with many others. Erin and James will be speaking as panelists at the Bilbao webfest in the Guggenheim this October.